Your Art Is Not For You

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I recently wrote an article for the new web site titled How Jesus Used Art to Save Me. While writing this article, I considered how God uses art to draw more people to praise him in the context of corporate worship.

Even when I was an agnostic, I recognized that the effort put into the worship environment pointed to something greater than the skill of the musicians on stage. I saw something that seemed different from all the self-centered art that I had seen everywhere else in my industry.

In this world, people worship wonder. People worship excellence. People worship good craft. Instead, we need to worship the God who inspires wonder, excellence, and good craftsmanship.  All these things have place in a corporate worship environment because they point people towards Christ, and His superiority above all others.

We are tasked with creating good work not to glorify ourselves or our church. We hope to draw people to praise God for who He is and what He has done , and that can be accomplished through sermons, teachings, music, or stories. People want to know beauty and grace, and this is our time to show them tangibly and with excellence, that is exactly who our God is. This is an excellent time for us, as followers of Christ, to show our fellow artists and co-creators a better and fuller life in Christ, through art.

We talk often at The Austin Stone about how everything in our lives should point people to worshiping our wondrous God. The reason that we rigorously practice our worship songs with an aim towards precision on stage is not for people to recognize how great we are at executing trills on a guitar. If all we hear after our work during a Sunday service is personal praise, then we have fallen short of true service to our God , which is to lead people in worship of Jesus for who He is and for what He has done.

Read the whole story about How Jesus Used Art to Save Me on the new, site. The Austin Stone Story Team is a community of artists who tell stories of gospel transformation. At, they are sharing insights and lessons from six years of storytelling with churches who want to lead their people to worship Jesus through the stories of their people.

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