What Is Your Purpose In Leadership?

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Each month we gather anyone that helps facilitate corporate worship at the five campuses of The Austin Stone for a night of pouring back into them. We have a vibrant and collaborative team of worship leaders, musicians, production teams, visual artists, songwriters and storytellers that are leading our church every single week in adult worship, kids worship, and students worship… and most of them are volunteers! The Worship Collective is the time where we get to serve and pour into our team.

This is a clip of Aaron Ivey teaching our worship collective about the bigger purpose and role they have in leading our local church to worship Jesus.

“Your role in that moment, for that hour-and-a-half, is to be a shepherd of people, that leads them on stage and off stage, towards Jesus.”
Are you interested in serving at The Austin Stone? RSVP to our next Worship Collective to find out how to get plugged in at your campus.


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