What is the Austin Stone Worship Conference?

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably attended many conferences throughout the years. The ones that stick out the most in memory, and the ones that have had the most impact in my development as a pastor and an artist, are the ones that have focused my heart on worshiping Jesus, given me practical things to implement into my life and ministry, and have allowed for space to build relationships with fellow pastors and artists.

In 2003, I attended a worship conference that influenced and changed me in such profound ways! Me and my pastor took a few volunteers from our worship team, spent three days worshiping Jesus and hearing the Word, all the while deepening our relationships with each other and expanding our vision for our church and city. It was such a monumental and refreshing time for us as a team.

Ten years later, I find myself still passionate about those essential elements:

1. Worshiping Jesus

2. Growing and developing as a songwriter, pastor, and son of God

3. Fostering community among artists, pastors, and leaders

Here at The Austin Stone, we’ve been dreaming of a conference that embodies those three things, and we are so excited to announce the launch of the Austin Stone Worship Conference!


The vision of this conference is much broader that simply being a “worship leader conference.” Instead, it is an opportunity for lead pastors, worship leaders, church leadership, volunteers, bands, musicians, storytellers, and creatives to huddle together for three days of challenging main sessions, workshops, and connecting opportunities. More than anything, we want you to worship together with your leadership community, as well as to be equipped to take home these practical teachings to your individual place of influence.

Be Challenged

There are three distinct ways I think you’ll be challenged and encouraged as a leader in your specific context.

1. The Main Stage Sessions at Austin Music Hall feature leaders from around the country who are leading and shaping worship culture. These five will include times of hearing the Word of God preached, and responding in corporate worship. Leaders include Matt Carter, Charlie Hall, Tony Merida, Robbie Seay, Michael Bleeker, Jourdan Johnson, Matt Boswell, Bobby Gilles, Mike Cosper, Jesse Reeves, Kevin Peck, and Jon Shirley.

2. I’m really excited about all the Unconference options for you. This allows you to cater your experience around your specific needs and ministry context. Our Unconference gatherings take place in various indoor venues, eateries, landmarks, clubs, and parks all throughout downtown Austin. These small communal gatherings are led by some of the best leaders and teachers in the country, and allow for eating together while discussing very specific topics pertaining to worship. For a complete listing of Unconference speakers, click here.

3. Austin is home to some amazing artists and storytellers, and we’ve invited some of the best to play at nightly post-conference gatherings. These are intentional spaces in the schedule for inspiration, fostering relationships, and enjoying the arts. Artists include Courrier, Matt McCloskey, Miranda Dodson, Penny and Sparrow, and more.

Join Us

I hope you and your teams will join us for this event in Austin this Fall. It’s a privilege to do ministry alongside all of you, and I can’t wait to meet you in Austin in October. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or email us at info@austinstoneworship.com

Peace, Aaron Ivey.

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