Our Tendency is to Not Want to Grow

Tyler David teaches about how we should, and will, never stop growing. God is the only one who doesn’t change. Over time, we should grow to bear fruit. This is our proof of genuine faith.

Here are a few of Tyler’s main points:

Tyler David: What’s a good process for us to take this word and make it to where it’s not just knowledge? Because knowledge will just puff you up, but love will edify. That’s 1 Corinthians 8:1-2. It talks about how you can have a lot of knowledge and be very immature, or have a lot of knowledge and not even be a Christian.

Christians are the people that have that knowledge, and it makes them love God. They have that knowledge, and it makes them obey God. That’s what I want us to do. I want to give you a process and a pattern of behavior and thinking for you to work this gospel down into your heart and begin for it to define all of your life.

You have to be someone who wants to grow. Our tendency is to not want to grow, but to be in Christ is to consistently and constantly, for the rest of your life and for the rest of eternity, be growing. I want you to know that you will be growing forever. God is the only one who is self-sufficient and doesn’t change because he has everything. He’s infinite. But even in heaven when you are sinless you will still be growing in your knowledge of God, your love of God, and your understanding of God. You will always be growing.

We have to be a people, even now, who begin to practice this idea of growing in our spiritual maturity and our faithfulness to God because the sign of genuine faith is producing fruit. The sign of someone who is genuinely saved is that they produced fruit over the course of their life. It’s not that they just said something. It’s that they consistently, over time, bear much fruit. There are things you should grow out of in the Christian faith.

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