Your Art Will Die, And It’s OK

In a way, as artists, we make up a garden, a collection of fruit-bearing plants that’s beautiful because of its variety of forms. As faithful, fruit-bearing plants in the garden, we treat our audience and ourselves to beauty in an ever-changing and ever-expressive way.

Stories from The Reveille: Nowhere Else

“Nowhere Else” is about the tension between the constant tugging of the world on your shirt tail versus the overpowering conviction from the Holy Spirit that Jesus is indeed the Son of God, and His way is the only way that we can go. It is a call for us to surrender.

Stories from The Reveille: Gate & Stairs

Revelation 21 was the inspiration for “Gate & Stairs” – the final outcome of these wrongs being put right. As my wife & I have wept many times over the pain of death, we have read the promise of God in the end: “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

Stories from The Reveille: Genesis

The song itself reflects the structure of creation and the story of God’s redemption slowly becoming clear, more full in its revelation as time progresses. The beginning lacks form, cohesion. As time progresses, we see the plan that was there all along.

Stories from The Reveille: Atlantic

I chose glockenspiels and a fairly synth-y pad to represent Christ in “Atlantic”. Paul’s description of Christ feels to me so clear and precise that bells felt natural. The pad sound I chose was an attempt to convey the idea that Christ – while eternally the same – is also always revealing Himself in different ways. In other words, always changing yet never changing.

Stories from The Reveille: The Red Cabinet

“The Red Cabinet” was born from Jesus’ caring words in John 19 to his mother and to John, the disciple whom He loved. He takes the time, at that most desperate hour, to assure those around Him that He has not forgotten about them. He will provide for them, and they are not beyond His sight.