Spring 2013 7in7: February 12-18

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Once again, it’s time for a week full of songwriting and little sleeping. 7in7 Spring edition is upon us.

One week from today a group of bold artists will take on the challenge of writing 7 brand new and complete songs in 7 days, recording and posting each one online for anyone to hear. This makes for a long week of late nights and uncomfortable vulnerability for everyone involved. Anyone who has ever taken the challenge will tell you of its difficulty. However, they will also certainly be quick to tell you how beneficial it is to force yourself to make art.

If you have never heard of 7in7, here are the rules and regulations:

  • Write 7 songs in 7 days

Hence the name of the challenge.

  • Each song must be complete

No giving up after a writing one verse and a chorus. Fight for that song! Finish it out!

  • Each song must be new

Dusting off and polishing old ideas is not allowed. A new song each day.

  • Post a recording of each song online

It can be recorded with your phone, computer, tape-recorder, beat lab, etc. Just whatever you have access to.

  • Co-writing is allowed.

….and encouraged.

The goal of 7in7 is not to write 7 great songs. The goal is to develop a discipline of songwriting. When you have spent a week writing a song a day, you will understand more of what it feels like to carve out time in your schedule to write, play, and create. It’s an exercise that stretches and strengthens your creative muscles. At the end of the week you may only have 2 or 3 songs that are worth remembering but you will have developed a discipline for creating which will produce good art.

Community is another huge aspect of this week. It’s encouraging and inspiring to know that you are not alone in this. We are all suffering, growing, and creating together. In November, more than 250 songwriters from all over the world endured 7in7, which is the most that have ever participated. 250 artists were striving for the same goal and sharing their art with each other. I speak for all of them when I say…

We want you to be involved in this!

You can sign up for the Spring 2013 7in7 here:


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