Simple HD Streaming Setup For Worship Leaders

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Hey guys, here is a simple setup we’ve found that works to stream in HD on YouTube LIVE. We’ll be using this setup at our ONLINE WORSHIP COLLECTIVE this Thursday 3/26 at 7pm.

4 pieces of Equipment for a Simple HD Stream Setup:

  1. DSLR or mirrorless camera that can shoot video in 1080p: Panasonic Lumix S1 w/ 16-35mm lens in this video
  2. Capture Card – El Gato HD60 S+ or Cam link (The earlier models aren’t as plug and play with a Mac)
  3. OBS – Free software
  4. Audio Interface – Scarlett 2i4 Focusrite used in this video

For a more advanced audio setup, you can mix the audio on a separate computer and send a stereo signal to the streaming computer into OBS. (which is what we will be doing for our online collective)

We’re all learning and growing in this together! Comment and let us know what you are using or ideas you have to improve this setup! Thanks!

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