Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Great Is Thy Faithfulness Words: Thomas O. Chisholm, additional verses by John Piper Music: William M. Runyan (c) 1923, ren. 1951 Hope Publishing Company, Carol Stream, IL 60188 (ASCAP)

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Great is Thy faithfulness,  O God my Father
There is no shadow of turning with Thee

Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not
As Thou hast been, Thou forever will be

Great is Thy faithfulness, great is Thy faithfulness
Morning by morning new mercies I see
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me

I could not love Thee, so blind and unfeeling;
Covenant promises fell not to me.
Then without warning, desire, or deserving,
I found my Treasure, my pleasure, in Thee.

I have no merit to woo or delight Thee,
I have no wisdom or pow’rs to employ;
Yet in thy mercy, how pleasing thou find’st me,
This is Thy pleasure: that Thou art my joy.

Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth,
Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide;
Strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow
Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside.

Great is Thy faithfulness, great is Thy faithfulness
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me


John Piper at the TGC women’s conference in June / Photo by Karen McCutcheon

The minute the last song of TGC’s Women’s Conference finished, women started asking about it.

“Where can I get the lyrics to that version of ‘Great Is Thy Faithfulness’?” attendee Kimberly Erickson wrote on the conference app. “There was a new verse I had never heard. I would also love to know who wrote that verse.”

“Our group is wondering, does anyone know if John Piper wrote those additional verses to ‘Great Is Thy Faithfulness,’ because the lyrics matched his sermon so well,” Danielle Morales wrote.

It was a good guess. Author and speaker John Piper did write two new verses to the closing song, which played directly after his message on Deuteronomy 29–30.

“I heard [TGC] intended to close with that hymn,” Piper said. “That’s a great hymn. I love it. But it did not hit the nail of my message on the head. And one of my poetic bents is to like coherence between message and music.”

He tried to think of another song to suggest, but “the extent of my music awareness is not large,” he said. “I couldn’t think of one.”

So he wrote his own.

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