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We’re excited to share a new edition of the LOOK | LISTEN | LEARN with y’all!
The LOOK | LISTEN | LEARN is a monthly collection of things to hear, read, watch, and do that inspire us all. We are all finding inspiration by various means and this is a place where we can share the things that stoke our imaginations. Enjoy!

-Brett Land


Content: Abstract: The Art of Design (s.1 e.6)
Description: This entire show on Netflix is really interesting (season 2 was just released!), but episode 6 has been one of my favorites! This designer has made many of the most iconic brands in the world. Her understanding of aesthetics and how fonts make people feel and experience a brand or organization was really intriguing! Worth the watch!
Contributor: Dietrich Schmidt

Content: Garden (Live) by United Pursuit
Description: United Pursuit is a group of Knoxville singer-songwriters united in their pursuit of Jesus and exhibiting Him through their craft. They just released a live version of their most recent album Garden, a series of meditative songs inviting us to reflect on God’s sustaining and providential presence in everything. I fell in love with their older album, Simple Gospel, which is also fantastic.
Contributor: Daniel Ach

Content: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone – Lori Gottlieb
Description: This secular book is written by a therapist who chronicles her own therapy as well as the therapy of a few of her clients. As you read, you can see that what we really think is causing crises in our lives really are only symptoms of a deeper, heart-level problem. All of the stories are incredibly moving and often heartwrenching. I was inspired by Gottlieb’s ability to save the reveal in her writing; the stories are woven together so beautifully.
Contributor: Stephanie Peterson

Content: Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong
Description: A family member sent this to me because we have dealt with quite a lot of pain and heartache with addiction in our family. This TED talk was inspiring to me on 2 fronts. The first is that it challenged my view of the power of community and deepened my longing to pursue my family that is addicted with more fervor than ever before. The second front was that he challenged an ideology that has been accepted for generations and has found something enlightening through the searching…makes me want to search for God in the same way…to scour His word and not just rely upon what culture, or men and women, or my family, or TV, or the news has told me about Him.
Contributor: Chris Collins

Content: Behind the Scenes of the new movie “1917”
Description: The film 1917 doesn’t come out until December but I can’t wait to see it. They shot it all to seem like one continuous take. Pretty fascinating process. This is a look behind the scenes.
Contributor: Hunter Sprague

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