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As summer begins, we want to make sure you have a new batch of helpful pieces of creative inspiration and thought-provoking content!

This month’s collection covers a wide range of topics and mediums that we have been loving and we think you will too! Hope you enjoy the 3rd edition of The LOOK | LISTEN | LEARN!

If this is your first time hearing about this, welcome. The LOOK | LISTEN | LEARN is a monthly space to share carefully curated artifacts of inspiration: photos, videos, books, music, art, and events that will grow us in our craft, inspire us to create something new, and encourage us in the way of Jesus.

You can find previous installments RIGHT HERE. Enjoy this month’s edition below!

-Brett Land


Content: Brian Dettmer Art
Description: I’m blown away by this! It’s so inspiring to see something that has one specific purpose be reimagined into something completely different. It can change the way you see and use things as common as a book. Plus, this stuff is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
Contributor: Brett Land

Content: Sentimental Creatures – Jess Ray (album)
Description: I randomly stumbled across this record after a friend said, “You MUST listen to this.” He was right. This is one of the most musically gorgeous acoustic records I’ve heard in a while, and the lyrics are incredibly simple and honest. I’ve probably listened straight through an embarrassing amount of times and I can still say, “You MUST listen to this.”
– Spotify
– Apple Music
Contributor: Aaron Ivey

Content: Segregated by Design
Description: “Segregated by Design” is an animated short film based on Richard Rothstein’s book “The Color of Law”. It tells the history of intentional and calculated racial segregation in our country. It’s an eye-opening story, and worth your time to watch.
Contributor: Bush

Content: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality 
Description: This has been one of the most transformative books I’ve read in years. The book really dives into what it looks like for Jesus to transform the deepest parts of who you are and helps you develop solid rhythms that lead to sustained spiritual and emotional health. Highly Recommended!
Contributor: Dietrich Schmidt

Content: How to Use Color – Color Basics (VIDEO)
Description: COLOR! Super simple, accessible video about color application.
Contributor: Riley Sheehan

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