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We are back with the latest edition of the LOOK | LISTEN | LEARN, a monthly collection of carefully curated artifacts of inspiration: photos, videos, books, music, art, and events that will grow us in our craft, inspire us to create something new, and encourage us in the way of Jesus.

Thanks to submissions from all of YOU we have some amazing things to share this month. I hope y’all are inspired by these as much as I am! Enjoy this month’s edition below!

-Brett Land


Content: Sleeping At Last Podcast (Enneagram Songs) album// podcast
The Enneagram can seem like old and cliche news, but Ryan O’Neal shakes it up in a tremendous way. He walks through what it is like living as a certain number with a professional, then explains the meaning behind a song he produced to pay tribute to the joys and plights of that number. My favorite part is how he asks friends who identify as that number to submit sound clips of their life (their kids laughing, their brush dipping in paint, their wind chimes on the front porch, etc.) and incorporates them into the background of the song. If you like music and even slightly like the Enneagram… this thing will rock your world. It’s my go-to for plane rides.
Contributor: Jessica Summerford

Content: Rocket Men: The Daring Odyssey of Apollo 8 and the Astronauts Who Made Man’s First Journey to the Moon – Robert Kurson
With us celebrating the 50th anniversary of walking on the moon, I thought it would be good to dig into some of the history around the moonwalk. I found this book about Apollo 8 and the often forgotten mission that had men first travel to the moon. It’s a fascinating look at a group of people working together to accomplish the impossible, and how 3 astronauts dealt with sacrificing their dream, in order to help others achieve the dream of walking on the moon.
Contributor: Will Doggett

Content: “This Cultural Moment” (podcast)
If you haven’t already, I highly recommend listening to this podcast by two pastors from Portland and Melbourne (John Mark Comer and Mark Sayers). It is some of the most insightful commentary on what it looks like to follow Jesus and minister in a western, secular culture.  It is incredibly helpful for living and doing ministry in an increasingly post-Christian city like Austin. Check it out!
Contributor: Dietrich Schmidt

Content: Some Writing Advice: Don’t Take Others’ Advice – Guy Gavriel Kay (article)
Author Guy Gavriel Kay provides a helpful antidote to the overwhelming wave of advice for creatives: find what works best for you and then do it. There is no magic formula for the creative process except for good old fashioned hard work. I think what I appreciate most about Guy’s article is his insistence that you can be creative no matter what your life circumstances are. Whether your mornings are filled with head-clearing peaceful walks or the chaos of getting your kids out the door – you can be creative. It takes sacrifice and some blood, sweat, and tears. But it’s worth it.

Contributor: Jon Amos

Content: Score: A Film Music Documentary
Description: This doc came out in 2017 but I stumbled upon it on Hulu recently. I was really moved by the idea of how powerful music is when it comes to supporting a story and how necessary a score is to tell an audience what to feel and where to look while watching a film. The doc walks through eras of film scoring and the psychological effects of music on the brain. It was fascinating to learn about some of the most iconic and beloved film scores and the people behind them and to think about how we, as believers and creators, get to support the stories God is writing with our art – directing people to see and experience him with intentionality. So beautiful! 
Contributor: Jaleesa McCreary

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