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We’re so excited about this second edition of the LOOK | LISTEN | LEARN! We’ve got a handful of ridiculously cool things for you this month. A short film, a new book, and new music. Hope you enjoy!

The LOOK | LISTEN | LEARN is a monthly space to share carefully curated artifacts of inspiration: photos, videos, books, music, and events that will grow us in our craft, inspire us to create something new, and encourage us in our walk with Jesus. Each month we will compile a short list and share it with you!

Enjoy this month’s edition below!

-Brett Land


Content: Still At It
Description: Awesome portraits by photographer Christopher Payne These are all New Yorkers who have been doing the same job for 50, 60, 70 years…
Contributor: Ben Johnson

Content: Notes on Blindness
Description: This short film puts imagery to the cassette recordings of John Hull, a British theologian who finds out he’s going blind in the middle of his life and decides to keep an audio diary as a way of coping. It’s excellent and the spiritual parallels are obvious! There’s also a full-length film by the same name that you can watch on Netflix that was created after the short.
Contributor: Ryan Hiser

Content: The Universe and Two Chairs by Francis Schaeffer
Description: I’ve been reading a biography of Francis Schaeffer the last few months called “Francis Schaeffer on the Christian Life: Countercultural Christianity” by William Edgar. I definitely recommend it! There’s a famous Schaeffer essay referenced in the book called “The Universe and Two Chairs.” I finally read the essay.
It is all about how it’s possible to be a believer and yet still live like a functional materialist. It was both convicting and encouraging. I highly recommend giving it a listen or a read. (I went on a walk and just had Siri read it to me)
Contributor: Dietrich Schmidt

Content: Keep Going – Austin Kleon
Description: On April 1st, local author/illustrator, Austin Kleon, releases his new book which explores how to remain steady and faithful to your creative work in good times and bad. He is constantly reading, writing, and learning about the creative process and how to approach creative work. His previous two books “Steal Like an Artist” and “Show Your Work” are staples for me!
Contributor: Brett Land

Content: Hillsong UNITED (Spotify // Apple Music)
Description: Our entire team is loving the recent releases from Hillsong UNITED’s upcoming record. These songs have been stirring us to worship and we can’t wait to start leading them at our church! Check them out:

As You Find Me // Song Story

Another in the Fire // Song Story

Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)

Good Grace

Contributor: Austin Stone Worship


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