How to Set a Vision for Your Band

How is vision actually set? Aaron Ivey shares five tips for creating a vision for your band or team:

  1. Create a shared vision
    • A significant purpose
    • Clear values
    • A picture of the future
  2. Honestly describe the current reality
    • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  3. Come up with actions to move forward
    • Identify the gap between current reality and end goal
    • How do I close that gap?
  4. Plan for involvement and communication
    • How are we going to do this?
    • How are we going to communicate with each other?
    • Collaborative change for a change
  5. Personal commitments
    • Be a part of the vision
Aaron Ivey

About Aaron Ivey

Aaron is the Pastor of Worship at The Austin Stone Community Church. Aaron lives in Austin with his wife Jamie, and four children: Cayden, Deacon, Amos and Story.