We are committed to the development of those involved in worship ministry. We place a high value on developing others for works of ministry to build up the body of Christ. We offer several ways that someone can be developed:

Residency is the most in-depth form of development that we offer. Please check out the worship residency page to get information and apply. You can also find more information about all residencies available at The Austin Stone through the Austin Stone Institute.

You can also contact Justin Cofield our Director of Development

Austin Stone Worship residency tracks:

  • Worship Leader
  • Communications / Resources
  • Production
We would love to connect with you, and make our entire team available in a personal way. We do this by setting aside time in our yearly schedule to give entirely to you.

Two to three times a year we host something called Austin Stone Worship Intensive. This full 2 day event is the best way to get personal one on one time with our staff to get all of your specific questions answered.

Check it out and consider joining us for the next one!


One of our residents would be an excellent choice!

  • Head to our Team page
  • Click “Launching Residents”
  • Read each resident’s blog to get to know them, and email any of them directly to pursue them.

Our residents are discipled and developed through our worship residency program with the end goal of sending them out after 2 years of development.

We would love to help out. Each worship leader keeps his or her own schedule, so it’s best to contact them directly.

  • Head to our Team page
  • Click “Worship Leader”
  • Email any of them directly to see if they are available!


CCLI numbers can be found on the resource page for each song on our website, or by searching for “Austin Stone Music” on (not Austin Stone Worship)

We would love to hear more about the project you are working on. Please email to find out how to use an Austin Stone Worship song.


The Worship Collective is a monthly gathering for anyone that helps facilitate corporate worship at the five campuses of The Austin Stone. The Worship Collective is the time where we get to serve and pour into our team. We eat amazing food, then worship through singing, praying, and receiving communion together.

Interesting in serving? Come to the Collective and ask how to get involved. RSVP to a Collective on our events page.

The Austin Stone Worship Intensive is a 2-day training with a small group of worship pastors from different churches. We invite you to gather together and join with our worship staff at our weekly worship huddle, staff meeting and monthly worship collective, as well as having uninterrupted time with our leadership.

Through 3 different round table discussions we will share information about our vision, culture and team. We also have built in times for Q&A with our leadership around a few meals together.

Each Intensive is limited to 15 spots. Register for the next intensive here.

We will let you know if and when we host another conference. In the mean time, the Austin Stone Worship Intensive is a much more intimate event that is similar to our worship conference, but scaled down so we can spend one on one time with you.


If we haven’t answered your question you can always email us –