Are you looking to grow as a worship leader?

Are you a worship leader looking for development opportunities to continue growing in your craft and leadership?

Would you want to join a community of other worship leaders, learning and growing together in a cohort style development program?

Would you like outside perspective and live feedback on your leadership?

Do you want to be challenged in discipleship and spiritual disciplines to grow in your character as a follower of Jesus?


Worship Leader Classes

The Austin Stone Worship Classes is a 14-week training program for worship leaders wanting to develop and grow in their craft. Over the course of a semester, students will be taught in depth about what it means to be a worship leader in the local church, how to faithfully lead and shepherd both your congregation and team, as well as learn practicals that come with leading worship on a weekly basis.  

Students will also have the opportunity to lead worship in a lab setting every other week and receive live, on-the-spot feedback from Austin Stone Worship leaders. Also through the use of small cohorts (4-5 people) led by an Austin Stone Worship leader, each student will be able to grow in their leadership through peer to peer encouragement and community.

The goal for each student is to not only be developed in their craft of leading worship but to push them as they pursue to be better servant leaders and pastors in the local church.

Meet Your Teachers

Aaron Ivey
The Austin Stone

Chris Collins
The Austin Stone

Daniel Darnell
The Austin Stone

Jarryd Foreman
The Austin Stone

Brett Land
The Austin Stone

Jaleesa McCreary
The Austin Stone

Jimmy McNeal
The Austin Stone


Register For Classes

Spring Semester Dates:

January 14, 2020 – April 21, 2020
*No class on February 11, 2020 or March 17, 2020

Enroll for Spring Semester

Class registration limited to 25 students.


Tuesday nights weekly, 6:30-8:30pm. First and last class from 6:30-9:00pm (1/14, 4/21)



50% Discount for Austin Stone Community Church partners


The For the City Center
500 E St Johns Ave
Austin, TX 78752
*2nd floor in the Attic