The Christian’s Life Should Be an Open Book

Jeff Mangum tells us that it’s necessary that we, as Christians, share our stories with others. Our sanctification is not only for us as individuals but for the body as a whole.

Here are a few of the main points:

“There is not this private part of you and then the ministry part of you. Do you understand what I mean when I say the word ‘ministry’? I don’t mean like from the pulpit or some public form. I mean dealing with others, right?

The whole process of God sanctifying a Christian is not so that they would grow and grow and grow and be put into a corner and observe other people being sanctified. Every part of your life is to be an open book. Every part.

Whether you are an extrovert or introvert, whether you’re a closed-off person or you share too much, it doesn’t matter. Every part of your life is not only for the intention of you being developed, but for somebody else.

It’s the reason why I look back and go, “God, why have I gone through decades of battling major depression or chronic illness? Why did my wife and I battle so much between having Paige and having Tyler and so many painful miscarriages. Why?”

It’s not just so that we would be built up and unified with Him. It’s so that our story would start to trickle in to somebody else’s. And when you start to feel this tension of, “I don’t want them to know,” that’s pride being fought, and that’s godly. That’s precious and good.

Every part of your life is to be used for the body. Every part. Every part. Because there are people–men, women, students, and children–who desperately need you to tell you story.”

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Jeff Mangum

About Jeff Mangum

Jeff serves the Austin Stone in the role of Teaching Pastor through preaching, pastoral counseling, and missional community leadership. He and his wife, Christy, have three kids.