“This Glorious Grace” – Confessing Our Need For Jesus

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Telling God we need Him expresses the truth that there is not one part of existence that does not fall under God’s absolute sovereignty, not even our own breath, our own fulfillment, or our own joy. The truth is we need Jesus in more ways than we can name. We need the Spirit to abide in us, create in us faith, counsel us, and comfort us with the true security of Jesus. We need Him to help us love Him and love one another. We need Him to give us our next breath. We need Him to be powerful in our weakness. We need Him to help us believe when doubts try to choke out truth. We need Him when we are afraid, alone, angry, jealous, or power-hungry.

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How Deep the Father’s Love For Us – His Wounds Have Paid Our Ransom

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Our greatest need was indeed answered by the Father’s love, and that’s why we sing this song. As somber as it is regarding our part in Jesus’ crucifixion, it brings us to express and encourage the response Jesus’s sacrifice deserves: pure and utter joy that “His wounds have paid [our] ransom.”