Do We Really Need Another Sunday Gathering?

You see music and song have always played a significant role in the life of the Church. Singing in response to God’s character and work is nothing new to the modern Church. All throughout scripture we see people praising God through song.

Why Do We Pursue Excellence?

Daniel Darnell talks about how scripture commands us to pursue excellence. Everything about the process of leading worship for the church should be done excellently.

Ministry Must Spring From the Word

Kyle Lent teaches about how everything must have its grounding in the Word. Other things will fade away, but God’s Word will remain forever.

Do We Serve a Self-Centered God?

Chad Kincer talks about God’s zeal for his own glory and how that does not make him conceited or cocky. God rightfully brings attention to himself, because he is who he says he is.

You Are Not Alone (A Song For The Elect Exiles)

1 Peter is about suffering as Christians in this world. It speaks of the difficulties we will inevitably face and encourages us how to endure through Christ and the guiding of the Holy Spirit to the end.