Excellence Demands Conflict

Aaron Ivey talks about conflict producing excellence in us. Sometimes we need to be called out on our efforts in order to motivate us to be better in our craft.

How To Write Songs For Your Church

In this video, Jimi Williams talks about a few things that you need to be pay careful attention to if you choose to write songs for your church.

Dynamics and the Energetic Drummer

The main responsibility of a worship drummer, outside of leading people in worship well, is giving form to music. The drummer plays a large role in determining the energy level coming off the stage. Our parts can make the music too loud, soft, out of control, lacking or just right.

Your Art Will Die, And It’s OK

In a way, as artists, we make up a garden, a collection of fruit-bearing plants that’s beautiful because of its variety of forms. As faithful, fruit-bearing plants in the garden, we treat our audience and ourselves to beauty in an ever-changing and ever-expressive way.