We Collaborate Because We Are Collaborations

We collaborate because we are collaborations. We are co-writers because we ourselves have been co-written. Both in our personalities and in the very way we human beings began, we are collaborations.

Transitioning from Acoustic to Electric Guitar

A growing trend for worship leaders is making the transition from playing acoustic guitar to electric and it’s a trend that I’m totally on board with. If this is something you’ve considered doing then my hope is that the following post will help guide you in your decision.

How to Create an In-Ear Monitor Mix

I hope this article will shed some light on how to go about setting an in-ear mix that is useful and encourages your band to get tighter. These are a few things I have noticed over the years that may help set you on that path.

Why Do We Pursue Excellence?

Daniel Darnell talks about how scripture commands us to pursue excellence. Everything about the process of leading worship for the church should be done excellently.