Do You Know and Love Your People?

Jimmy McNeal takes a closer look at Romans 16. He points out that Paul knows, loves, and prays for the people in the church in Rome. Can we say the same for the people in our congregations? How would knowing our people change the way we lead them in worship?

Take Care of the Bride

Justin Cofield talks about taking care of the bride of Christ. If you have been put in a position to shepherd others, it is your responsibility to watch over them and care for them.

The Dangers of Pursuing Worldly Excellence

Daniel Darnell talks about how dangerous it can be to pursue excellence aside from the way God designed it. Seeking excellence as the world seeks it is unhealthy and can only lead to things like pride, jealousy, and greediness.

Why Do We Pursue Excellence?

Daniel Darnell talks about how scripture commands us to pursue excellence. Everything about the process of leading worship for the church should be done excellently.

What Hinders Collaboration?

Kyle Lent teaches about how pride is the biggest hindrance to collaboration. We must humble ourselves in submission to each other, and we see a perfect example of submission in the trinity.

Love the Giver, Not the Gift

Aaron Ivey talks about how we should be enamored with the giver of the gifts rather than the gifts themselves. We must recognize that every good and perfect gift comes from above.

Being a Shepherd Beyond Sunday

Worship leader, your flock isn’t walking out of your church doors into a pretty pasture where no harm will come to it. These sheep are walking out into a battlefield – a field where wolves are eager to snatch them up.

The Role of a Shepherd

Aaron Ivey teaches about our role as a shepherd. Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd, and calls us to imitate how he shepherded people while he was on earth.

God Wants to Be With His People

Aaron Ivey teaches about how God still desires to be with his people even though he sees every bit of their sin and guilt. Even when we try to hide or wander away from him, he continues to ask us, “Where are you?”