Stories from The Reveille: Atlantic

I chose glockenspiels and a fairly synth-y pad to represent Christ in “Atlantic”. Paul’s description of Christ feels to me so clear and precise that bells felt natural. The pad sound I chose was an attempt to convey the idea that Christ – while eternally the same – is also always revealing Himself in different ways. In other words, always changing yet never changing.

Stories from The Reveille: The Red Cabinet

“The Red Cabinet” was born from Jesus’ caring words in John 19 to his mother and to John, the disciple whom He loved. He takes the time, at that most desperate hour, to assure those around Him that He has not forgotten about them. He will provide for them, and they are not beyond His sight.

Stories from The Reveille: Tall Cedars

In this song, we begin on the scene with the man who, as he digs, finds a great treasure hidden in a field. There is joy, but there is nervous restraint. What if someone else finds this? What can I do to ensure that I can lay hold of this prize? He covers it up, knowing he will return to retrieve it when he rightfully owns the field.

The Reveille: Instrumental Songs for Study & Reflection

This is why we called the first volume of The Reveille, “Instrumental Songs For Study & Reflection”. The music is meant to help focus your time in the Word and reflecting on the Word. It is NOT meant to replace actual study of Scripture, but rather to help close out the distractions of the world and focus on what the Father is teaching you through His Word.

Serving the Worship Leader: Be Available & Reliable

In most cases, we get plenty of peripheral motivation to be a help to our worship leaders. It could be a good career move for us, we may be reciprocating our worship leader’s kindness to us, etc. But the ultimate origin of all worship is the cross of Jesus. In this, he made himself more available than we could ever imagine a perfect God to be.