Join Our Team As A Resident

We are now accepting applications for our Fall 2018 residents! Check out what Zack Olsen had to say about his experience as a worship leader resident.

How to “Set the Table” in Worship

It is easy for us to catch ourselves gauging a service by how well the band played, how the tech team did, and if the congregation sang loud or a few people raised their hands. I fall victim to this mentality quite often, but leading worship is centered around trust. I am at least skeptical of someone’s directions if they haven’t been there themselves. Worship leading is the same way; you cannot lead someone where you have not been yourself.

We Must Be in the Word

Chris Collins talks about how, as leaders in our churches, and also as believers, we must be in God’s Word. The Bible helps us resolve conflict, fight sin, and trust God’s faithfulness in difficult circumstances.

4 Vital Practices for the Heart of the Worship Leader

Nothing is more vital for our churches, our families, our spouses and the people we serve (and serve with) than for our hearts to be healthy. Here are four vital practices we must have in order to make sure our hearts are constantly chasing after God.

Let’s Fill This Town With Servants

Aaron Ivey talks about Jesus’s servanthood, and how being a servant is an inherent desire of ours. We were designed and created for servanthood. Our aim should be for the name of Jesus to be lifted high and glorified.

Why We Develop Leaders

Justin Cofield outlines key points as to why developing leaders in the Church is so important. We must strive to develop leaders because Jesus did it.

Transitioning from Acoustic to Electric Guitar

A growing trend for worship leaders is making the transition from playing acoustic guitar to electric and it’s a trend that I’m totally on board with. If this is something you’ve considered doing then my hope is that the following post will help guide you in your decision.