Why We Develop Leaders

Justin Cofield outlines key points as to why developing leaders in the Church is so important. We must strive to develop leaders because Jesus did it.

Transitioning from Acoustic to Electric Guitar

A growing trend for worship leaders is making the transition from playing acoustic guitar to electric and it’s a trend that I’m totally on board with. If this is something you’ve considered doing then my hope is that the following post will help guide you in your decision.

UPDATE: Immediate Harvey Help TODAY 8/31

We will continue to keep you updated on immediate and ongoing needs, as well as opportunities to tangibly love and serve our neighbors in southeast Texas who are experiencing this traumatic and devastating loss.

Immediate Harvey Help TODAY

We are heartbroken over the situation in southeast Texas with the effects of Hurricane Harvey. We have a few IMMEDIATE needs to help serve the thousands of people who are still stranded in the Houston area.

16 Unexpected Ways Support Raising Affected Me

If you’re skeptical of support-based ministries or are nervously considering one, this is meant for you. I was often asked questions like, “Why isn’t the church paying you?” After raising my support, I have no question why.

How to Create an In-Ear Monitor Mix

I hope this article will shed some light on how to go about setting an in-ear mix that is useful and encourages your band to get tighter. These are a few things I have noticed over the years that may help set you on that path.