Setting Culture Starts With Vision

Aaron Ivey teaches about the process of setting a culture in your church. Even if you don’t know how to set culture, you are nurturing or fostering something in your church. The culture-setting process must begin with a vision of where you are going.

Ministry Must Spring From the Word

Kyle Lent teaches about how everything must have its grounding in the Word. Other things will fade away, but God’s Word will remain forever.

Being Mended and Being a Mender

Jeff Magnum talks about the ideas of equipping, developing, in mending. If we are not careful, we will make disciples of ourselves rather than disciples of Jesus.

Love the Giver, Not the Gift

Aaron Ivey talks about how we should be enamored with the giver of the gifts rather than the gifts themselves. We must recognize that every good and perfect gift comes from above.

Being a Shepherd Beyond Sunday

Worship leader, your flock isn’t walking out of your church doors into a pretty pasture where no harm will come to it. These sheep are walking out into a battlefield – a field where wolves are eager to snatch them up.

Realizing the Enemy is Ruthless

Aaron Ivey talks about how we should be prepared for attacks from the enemy. We must realize that he will come for us first because we are on the front lines as ministers of the gospel.