Why We Have a Short List of Worship Songs We Like to Use

We only have a very limited number of songs that we do in any season because there’s nothing worse than showing up to a place week after week where you recognize one song in the set. You can’t engage in that when you’re unfamiliar with 90% of the content.

Why Do I Keep Repeating the Same Sins?

Tyler David talks about the slowness of sanctification. There are seasons where we may feel like we’re not changing or growing. We must seek out maturity to grow.

Worship Ministry Hinges on the Word of God

Aaron Ivey talks about how the Word of God is the most important part of a worship ministry. The highest aim for a worship gathering is that people would be focused toward hearing the preaching of the Word of God. If we don’t offer The Word, we’re not offering our people much of anything at all – just an experience.

Our Tendency is to Not Want to Grow

Tyler David teaches about how we should, and will, never stop growing. God is the only one who doesn’t change. Over time, we should grow to bear fruit. This is our proof of genuine faith.

How to Set a Culture of Engagement in Church

Aaron Ivey explains the necessity of engaging people in the church. As shepherds and leaders of our church, if we’re people who aren’t engaging with other people then we’re not really being shepherds. We’re just being personalities on a stage.

Growth at the Core of the Gospel

In this video, Aaron Ivey describes why growth as an artist is important for members of the body of Christ. God did not create us to be stagnant and apathetic.

Are You Leading Your Church to Worship Idols?

Chris Collins talks about the importance of singing and leading people in truth. When we don’t use the Word of God to check the lyrics of the songs we sing, we are at risk of leading people to worship idols.