Being a Shepherd Beyond Sunday

Worship leader, your flock isn’t walking out of your church doors into a pretty pasture where no harm will come to it. These sheep are walking out into a battlefield – a field where wolves are eager to snatch them up.

Realizing the Enemy is Ruthless

Aaron Ivey talks about how we should be prepared for attacks from the enemy. We must realize that he will come for us first because we are on the front lines as ministers of the gospel.

Using Tasks to Develop People

Chris Collins teaches how we, as pastors and leaders, can use tasks to develop others into leaders. Rather than tasks becoming a nuisance and filling our schedule, they can actually be delegated to other people in order to grow them.

An Artist’s Guide to Managing Schedules

If part of your job is to be creative and make new things, I want to offer some super practical advice I’ve learned in 15 years of being a “professional” artist. That’s not to say this advice is always a part of my weekly routine—in fact, I usually fail more than I succeed—but here are a few things I aim for.

The Role of a Shepherd

Aaron Ivey teaches about our role as a shepherd. Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd, and calls us to imitate how he shepherded people while he was on earth.

God Wants to Be With His People

Aaron Ivey teaches about how God still desires to be with his people even though he sees every bit of their sin and guilt. Even when we try to hide or wander away from him, he continues to ask us, “Where are you?”

10 Suggestions for a Songwriting Retreat

There’s room for a billion more songs to be sung to Jesus by His people. I hope these simple and practical suggestions are helpful as you foster a culture of songwriting in your own church.

We Become What We Chase After

Aaron Ivey teaches from Jeremiah 2 about how we are prone to become the things we chase. We should concern ourselves with where God is and what he is doing so that we can chase him and become more like him.