We Become What We Chase After

Aaron Ivey teaches from Jeremiah 2 about how we are prone to become the things we chase. We should concern ourselves with where God is and what he is doing so that we can chase him and become more like him.

Excellence Demands Conflict

Aaron Ivey talks about conflict producing excellence in us. Sometimes we need to be called out on our efforts in order to motivate us to be better in our craft.

Do We Serve a Self-Centered God?

Chad Kincer talks about God’s zeal for his own glory and how that does not make him conceited or cocky. God rightfully brings attention to himself, because he is who he says he is.

Churches Must Engage the Unbeliever

Aaron talks about the large number of unbelievers that are present in church on any given Sunday and the necessity for the church to engage them and make them feel welcome.

Worship Pastors Lead by Example

Many worship leaders and pastors wonder why their congregation is not responding in worship. Often times, we forget that we are leaders for a reason. People are going to follow our level of engagement. It is our job to set the temperature of the room.

You Are Not Alone (A Song For The Elect Exiles)

1 Peter is about suffering as Christians in this world. It speaks of the difficulties we will inevitably face and encourages us how to endure through Christ and the guiding of the Holy Spirit to the end.