How to Create an In-Ear Monitor Mix

I hope this article will shed some light on how to go about setting an in-ear mix that is useful and encourages your band to get tighter. These are a few things I have noticed over the years that may help set you on that path.

Delegation Produces Growth

Kyle Lent talks about delegation and its use to lessen the load on your own plate while using tasks to develop other members of your team. The early Church used this method in Acts 6 to accomplish tasks and multiply disciples.

What Hinders Collaboration?

Kyle Lent teaches about how pride is the biggest hindrance to collaboration. We must humble ourselves in submission to each other, and we see a perfect example of submission in the trinity.

Ministry Must Spring From the Word

Kyle Lent teaches about how everything must have its grounding in the Word. Other things will fade away, but God’s Word will remain forever.

An Artist’s Guide to Managing Schedules

If part of your job is to be creative and make new things, I want to offer some super practical advice I’ve learned in 15 years of being a “professional” artist. That’s not to say this advice is always a part of my weekly routine—in fact, I usually fail more than I succeed—but here are a few things I aim for.

You Are Not Alone (A Song For The Elect Exiles)

1 Peter is about suffering as Christians in this world. It speaks of the difficulties we will inevitably face and encourages us how to endure through Christ and the guiding of the Holy Spirit to the end.

The Lie I’ve Believed About Rest

I’m becoming aware of a lie that I tell myself over and over, and a lie that most of us probably believe, whether we fully realize it or not.

What Does A Shepherd Do?

By now we are all familiar with the metaphor of a “shepherd”. We call ourselves “shepherds” and encourage one another to “lead our flock”. More than perhaps any other, Jesus uses the vocation of sheep-herding as reference for what He does for us and how He treats us.