Everyone Must Strive for Unity

Aaron Ivey talks about the necessity of unity in a band or team. It’s up to everyone in the band to strive for unity, not just the leader. We must over-communicate our thoughts and vision in order to create unity in the team.

Positivity is Required in a Healthy Band

Aaron Ivey talks about how crucial it is for a healthy band to maintain a positive environment. Negativity can ultimately lead to ineffectiveness, so we must strive for positivity and unity within our team.

Money Isn’t Always The Best Compensation

Aaron Ivey talks about different methods of compensating musicians that lead in worship on Sundays. There are ways to compensate musicians that are more valuable than anything money could ever buy.

Setting Culture Starts With Vision

Aaron Ivey teaches about the process of setting a culture in your church. Even if you don’t know how to set culture, you are nurturing or fostering something in your church. The culture-setting process must begin with a vision of where you are going.

Love the Giver, Not the Gift

Aaron Ivey talks about how we should be enamored with the giver of the gifts rather than the gifts themselves. We must recognize that every good and perfect gift comes from above.

Realizing the Enemy is Ruthless

Aaron Ivey talks about how we should be prepared for attacks from the enemy. We must realize that he will come for us first because we are on the front lines as ministers of the gospel.

The Role of a Shepherd

Aaron Ivey teaches about our role as a shepherd. Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd, and calls us to imitate how he shepherded people while he was on earth.

God Wants to Be With His People

Aaron Ivey teaches about how God still desires to be with his people even though he sees every bit of their sin and guilt. Even when we try to hide or wander away from him, he continues to ask us, “Where are you?”

10 Suggestions for a Songwriting Retreat

There’s room for a billion more songs to be sung to Jesus by His people. I hope these simple and practical suggestions are helpful as you foster a culture of songwriting in your own church.