God the Better Artist

In this video, Aaron Ivey teaches from Jeremiah 18 about how God will never cease to shape His people into who He intends them to be.

Yatsar – God The Potter

In this video from August 2018 worship collective, Aaron Ivey unpacks the meaning of the Hebrew word “Yatsar” as it relates to how God shapes His people.

Let’s Fill This Town With Servants

Aaron Ivey talks about Jesus’s servanthood, and how being a servant is an inherent desire of ours. We were designed and created for servanthood. Our aim should be for the name of Jesus to be lifted high and glorified.

UPDATE: Immediate Harvey Help TODAY 8/31

We will continue to keep you updated on immediate and ongoing needs, as well as opportunities to tangibly love and serve our neighbors in southeast Texas who are experiencing this traumatic and devastating loss.

Immediate Harvey Help TODAY

We are heartbroken over the situation in southeast Texas with the effects of Hurricane Harvey. We have a few IMMEDIATE needs to help serve the thousands of people who are still stranded in the Houston area.

Everyone Must Strive for Unity

Aaron Ivey talks about the necessity of unity in a band or team. It’s up to everyone in the band to strive for unity, not just the leader. We must over-communicate our thoughts and vision in order to create unity in the team.

Positivity is Required in a Healthy Band

Aaron Ivey talks about how crucial it is for a healthy band to maintain a positive environment. Negativity can ultimately lead to ineffectiveness, so we must strive for positivity and unity within our team.

Money Isn’t Always The Best Compensation

Aaron Ivey talks about different methods of compensating musicians that lead in worship on Sundays. There are ways to compensate musicians that are more valuable than anything money could ever buy.

Setting Culture Starts With Vision

Aaron Ivey teaches about the process of setting a culture in your church. Even if you don’t know how to set culture, you are nurturing or fostering something in your church. The culture-setting process must begin with a vision of where you are going.