Austin Stone Worship Field Guide – The “Why” Behind What We Do

We have put together a document called  Austin Stone Worship Field Guide that is taken straight from our Austin Stone Worship Intensive material that you can now download for free.

This free PDF provides an in-depth look at the five cultures our ministry is centered on, as well as the “why” behind everything thing we do from a biblical and practical standpoint. This field guide is for the worship leader or worship ministry that wants to establish and cultivate a healthy worship culture in their ministry.

A free download of the field guide is available by clicking the image at the bottom of this page.

Here are some excerpts from the Austin Stone Worship Field Guide:

On theologically checking songs:

  • “God delights in our joy in worship, as well as in hearing the gospel of Christ proclaimed explicitly and faithfully. It is the gospel that changes lives, not the music. Therefore we must be diligent to “teach what accords with sound doctrine” (Titus 2:1 ESV).”
  • “Due to the artistic and creative nature of our calling, it is sometimes assumed that theological grounding does, or should, take a backseat to compelling artistic expression in worship. However, we are not absolved of responsibility to thoughtfully and clearly communicate the truth of the gospel from the Word of God, as it is the bedrock upon which worship rests.”

On engaging our people:

On excellence:

On togetherness:

Click here to download the Austin Stone Worship Field Guide

About Austin Stone Worship

Austin Stone Worship is a collection of worship leaders, musicians, songwriters, storytellers and artists serving and equipping the Church with content rich in theology, mission, and expression.