Audio Engineer Development

It’s no secret that a considerable gap exists between the level of quality in a ticketed concert and the typical church service.

Our vision is to equip audio engineers to rise to the level of industry professionals – whether they serve in a church or on a concert tour.

Through practical, hands-on training with some of the the most cutting-edge technology in the industry, our goal is to provide a comprehensive knowledge base ranging from theory to advanced mixing techniques.

  • Hands-on instruction from some of the premier audio engineers in the industry
  • Designed to condense roughly 2 years of industry experience into 2 semesters
  • Will cover everything from wave theory to subwoofer configurations, system design, live mixing & much more
  • Each topic is solidified by hands-on/listening examples and real-world application
  • Fall 2015 to Spring 2016
  • Minimum of 2 years live audio experience recommended
  • $500/semester to help offset the cost of gear rentals and guest speakers**

**If you are a partner or currently serving at the Austin Stone, please contact us for available scholarship options. In order to maximize the takeaway for each student in the hands-on and live mixing portions, class size is extremely limited. Only 6 students will be selected from the applicants.


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Student Feedback

“I wish I had known about this class when I first started pursuing audio. Every class equipped me with knowledge that I could take straight from the lecture to the venue. It’s an exciting experience to learn so much so quickly. There wasn’t a moment throughout the course that I wasn’t learning something eye-opening.”

-Adam McCoy, AED 2014 Graduate